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Home Made Mozzarella Cheese ladies an gents there is nothing better than the real thing, and i more

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Vegetable Boost Soup

Pick Me Up Vegetable Soup This is a favourite soup of Elaine Lemm of When in more

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26 Mar 2010

All you need to know and why ours are so good!

Spit Braais are one of South Africa’s most loved traditions and they are so versatile.  No matter what race or age, we all love
having a Spit, the anticipation as the roast turns sending off an aroma that makes your mouth water and your tummy giggle. 
The excitement as everyone gathers at browses the buffet table, planning what they are going to eat.  Spit Braais are perfect for 21sts, Weddings, Site Parties, Corporate Year Ends, Social Events and well just about any event really, they offer such a wide variety of
options. Spit Braai menus can be dressed up for formal wedding occasions as a carvery or left happy and casual for the shorts and slops gatherings amoungst friends. Various different meats can be prepared on a spit including Whole Chickens, Leg of Lamb, Whole Lamb, Buttock of Beef, Pork Rolls, Turkey and even Game.  Often accompanied with a choice of familiar roasted vegetables or hot vegetable options as well as an array of salads, from traditional Greek right through to beetroot and rocket salads or summer pasta salads and phutu, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.  Adding an enhancer meal such as a chicken curry or lasagna or some starter snacks and a dessert trolley transforms this meal into a full buffet sure to impress your guests and full the corners of every tummy in the room.

There are many Spit Braai Caterers in the market today.  Some are “week-end warriors” who provide spit braai services on the week-end to enhance their income and others are far more serious about the affair providing the full service as part of the deal. 
Whatever you choose, make sure you know what you are getting before you pay up.  Make sure the caterer is licensed, has a health certificate and certified working kitchen and check what grade of meat they use and whether they are providing you with “bought salads
from supermarkets or home made ones with fresh ingredients.”

Spotted Zebra’s Spit Braais are a full package deal.  We provide the best quality meat at 350grams per person, flavor-some fresh seasonal vegetables and home-made salads as well as rolls baked fresh that morning in our own bakery.  We provide our Spit Braai Chef
to cook and carve your meat on site in our professional gas or charcoal spit braai machines which are designed to cook your meat to melt-in-your-mouth perfection within two to two and a half hours, with no mess. We provide the buffet tables complete with linen on which we laden the food in suitable serving and heating units with serving utensils and a smiling staff member to assist with service.  All cutlery and crockery is provided and removed from the event after service leaving no dirty dishes or rubbish for you to clean up afterwards.  We provide the serviettes, toothpicks, salad dressings, mini butter and condiments so all you need to worry about is inviting your guests, sitting back and enjoying yourself.

We even provide a complete bar and function hiring service as additional services to our menu.

So for a choice of three meats, three hot vegetables, salads and freshly baked rolls and butter complete with set up and service with a smile, and no cleaning up afterwards doesn’t it just sound so worth it?

What grade of meat do we use and how much?

Only  the very best.  Compromising on this would be devastating.  Cheaper meat options are available, but just not on our menus.  We provide approximately 350grams of Super A Grade meat per person which is the average size of a steak in a restaurant, together with your helpings of vegetables, salads, sides, rolls and butter, this is by far a better option than a steak and chips and when considering all the extras – far more value for money..

To Baste or not to baste?

There have been so many experiments conducted injecting meat with flavours days before cooking, or brushing basting onto the meat as it cooks… We have a very simple philosophy…. If you are basting, you don’t like the taste of the meat which means it’s either sub grade or you are over cooking it.  As you brush basting on, it burns, leaving a charcoal tasting skin around the meat,  and very little flavor
is added to the actual meat itself.

Lamb for example is naturally a fatty meat and as it cooks, the fat, which is salty melts and runs off the meat naturally basting it in its own juices.  A lamb cooked well really does not need any basting at all….. just ask our customers who were skeptics before, they don’t ask for basting anymore.  Of course we will if you really insist, but we still will try convince you otherwise.

What’s our secret?

We just can’t tell you . . .
it’s the experience the uncompromised quality ingredients and a lot of practice…

Call us now to book your spit braai catering for any occasion.

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